Summer 2022

Greetings from Uganda! We are halfway through 2022 and it has been an amazing year so far. It’s amazing to think, but we have been in Africa for a year now! Every morning we wake up, we know that we are exactly where God wants us to be. There is just something amazing about being aligned with God in His mission to reach the world.

The Annual General Meeting

For the first time since 2019, due to Covid-19, the Ugandan Assemblies of God were able to meet together for the Annual General Meeting. The joy and excitement, as pastors and leaders were able to worship, pray, and dream together, was truly remarkable. Though these men and women have faced many challenges over the last few years, the days ahead are bright, and the future of this great church will change the trajectory of this nation.

National Leadership team of the Uganda Assemblies of God

Youth-Raising a New Generation

In April, as students were off of school for their first vacation of the school year, we, alongside the National Youth Director, Joshua Bwambale and Regional Leaders Emma and Carlson, launched youth conferences in Kasese Region, Pader District, and Kampala.

In each of these youth conferences we saw young people saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Out of these youth conferences, we are seeing youth groups thriving in their local churches, which is so paramount for not just the future of the Uganda Assemblies of God, but for the present, as well. 75% of this nation fall in the age group that constitute youth in our churches (13-35). Every church we go to preach at, they ask us to hold a second service for just the youth. It never fails, over half, if not 3/4ths of the church are youth. If they are not reached, there is no future. It is truly an exciting and crucial time.

Kasese Regional Youth Conference
Shawn speaking to the children at an open-air conference in Kyaruma
Mberara Youth Group
Pader district Youth Conference

We also are the youth pastors here in Jinja to the missionary kids and ex-pat kids that live here. The group continues to grow, and we are seeing many breakthroughs in their lives. We believe that spiritually healthy missionary kids help foster spiritually healthy families, and spiritually healthy families can do extraordinary things for Jesus to reach Uganda.

TCK Youth Group

Humorous Highlight

When Shawn spoke for the Pader District Youth Conference, it was held in a remote village in which the desired outcome of the conference is to plant a church. With mud huts in the background, Shawn preached, and then saw many saved and healed.

Afterwards, he walked to his Speed the Light Toyota Hilux, opened up the rear door to put his Bible and Ipad in the back seat, and sitting in the back seat was a chicken! In the culture of that village, they give you the gift as a surprise, and Shawn was definitely surprised! Shawn was spending the night in a hotel in Lira, where he was going to preach the next day, so he knew he couldn’t refuse the chicken, but he also couldn’t keep it. On the drive back, he prayed, “God, show me the family to give this too.” About an hour later, as he drove into another village, he saw a family, knew they were the ones, and was able to share the Good News with them, and then give them the chicken! They may never see us again, but hopefully they will always remember the big Muzungu (white man) who told them about Jesus and gave them a chicken.

Gift of a chicken from the Pader District


We want to give a big THANK YOU to all of the youth that participates in giving to Speed the Light! In April we purchased our STL truck. We named it Mbiru which means Speed in Luganda.
Because of your giving, we are able to travel the country proclaiming the Good News to each village!

Prayer request

1. Pray for the upcoming UAG Youth Conferences and Third Culture Kid Youth Camp in August.
2. Pray for God to call missionaries to Uganda to reach children and youth.
3. Pray for continued favor with the government and immigration.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!
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