We’re in Africa!

When last we sent out a newsletter, we were getting ready to get on a plane and head to Africa. On July 1st, since Uganda had a major lockdown in place, we left for Tanzania. While in Tanzania, we began learning Swahili, while also learning the Growing Participator Approach for language learning. The method is amazing! After our first month we were able to carry on simple conversations.

These simple conversations helped spark great friendships. The school where we learned Swahili was on a Muslim island off the eastern coast. Shawn became friends with the powerlifting community, and while they helped him learn more and more Swahili, he was able to have conversations about faith with them. One of them walked out of the gym with him one day and said, “Shawn, when you are in the gym, it’s as if there is a light present. When you leave, there is darkness. It’s like you are not of this world.” Over the next few weeks, Shawn was able to tell that young man about the source of the light of which he spoke. Shawn continues to message with those new friends, and cannot wait for the day that they say yes to Jesus!

The three months in Tanzania were amazing, but as the lockdown in Uganda ended, we could not wait to get on another plane and head to our ultimate destination.

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