Hello Uganda!

We arrived in Uganda October 1st, and hit the ground running. We purchased everything we needed in the house. We even got a dog! Little Wali, a Maltese just like Buddy, our dog we had in the states, he is hilarious and no matter what kind of stress we may experience during transition, he puts a smile on our face and laughter in our hearts.

After 2 weeks in Uganda, Shawn went on a tour with Derek Van de Merwe, and the General Superintendent of the Ugandan Assemblies of God, Henry Elem. They traveled over 1000 miles building relationships with the village churches, and their pastors. Shawn was able to love on them and encourage them to do what God has called them to do, to reach the one.

Following the country wide tour, we were able to meet the youth directors from every region. This is such an exciting time, as God has sparked a desire throughout the UAG to reach the youth and young adults of Uganda. Our primary focus is coming alongside these young leaders, and helping them develop a strategy to see over 200 young Ugandans in all twelve regions saved and discipled. Could you imagine what 2400 newly discipled young Christ followers could do to transform this nation for Jesus?

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