Reaching the Youth of Uganda in 3D

Over the last several months, God has begun to stir in our hearts a strategy for reaching the youth of Uganda for Jesus Christ. We like to call the 3D plan.

The 3D Plan for Youth in Uganda is a three-phase plan, that is both chronological and concurrent. The overarching goal in this 3D plan is to make young disciples, and through this process, I believe that we will achieve said goal.

The 3 Phases of the 3D Plan are as follows:

Discover Your Destiny

Develop Your Gifts

Deploy to the Unreached

Discover Your Destiny

How does one discover their destiny? Here are some steps that I believe can help the youth of Uganda discover theirs:

•     Know God

•     Find Freedom

•     Pursue their purpose

•     Make a difference

Develop Your Gifts

During the first phase, we help the young adults find where they are gifted. It’s one thing to know your gifts, however, it is another thing to use them. At first, you struggle, and perhaps have doubts about whether this is really your gift at all, but with repetition and guidance from others, you become more and more proficient. That’s what we will do in this phase.

We want to have a generation of students who are using their gifts in the local church, using their gifts in their communities, and using their gifts to further the gospel in ways never seen before in Uganda and beyond.

Deploy to the Unreached

To deploy means to strategically move into place for a mission, and we want to see these students, who have found out who they are, developed themselves as leaders, to go into areas of Uganda and beyond that have not been reached!

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