How do you eat an Elephant? …One Bite at a Time.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a task, a goal, or an endeavor? I remember being a soldier, working at the clinic at Fort Lee in Virginia, and as the leaves fell to the ground, dreading what was to come. I knew, every year, that the first week of December, everyone on the post would be tasked with raking all the leaves. That first Monday would come, and instead of going to the nice warm clinic, we would be handed rakes and large trash bags, and we were told to get to work!

It seemed an impossible task. The area we were raking seemed to go on forever. We just kept at the task, filling one bag of leaves at a time, and by Friday, what seemed impossible on Monday was accomplished. All the leaves were gone!

Jesus gave us a seemingly impossible task. To go into all the world, to reach every person on this earth for Him. The task seems so overwhelming, and many of us, because of that fact, just hold on to our rakes, looking at the field that lies before us, and stand there paralyzed. How can we reach the world? How can we reach the youth of Uganda?

            One person at a time!

Wake up every day, ask God to help you love Him more than you did yesterday. Ask Him to help you love others more than you did yesterday. Ask Him to help you reach one person for Him. That’s how we will see a world reached!

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