In the beginning

In 1987 my family became the first Assemblies of God missionaries to the small island nation of Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa. In the following 26 years, my parents lead countless people to the Lord, planted over 100 churches, and started the country’s first bible school.

In 1987 we began the journey, but the journey isn’t over yet. In 2017, Megan and I were called to pick up the mantle and continue the work in Africa. With 867 unreached people groups in sub-saharan Africa, representing over 250 million people that have yet to hear of the name of Jesus, there is still a great work to be done!

We will be working with the Bible Schools and the youth and young adults in the nations of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Our hope and prayer is to see a church planted within walking distance of every person.

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